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    Feature Friday

    Feature Friday! Aunyae Heart

    Aunyae Heart, where do I Start? So Aunyae is my friend and a big sister to me. I have always admired her ambition and her stead fast ability to keep pursuing…

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    Feature Friday

    Feature Friday! Sade Hobson

    Happy Friday! Today’s feature is one of my good Friends Sade. She is very hard working in her community and a very crafty lady. When it comes to crocheting and creating…

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    Open Letter to my Sister

    So this is a surprise blog. In honor of Deatra’s 25th birthday, I decided to write an open letter to my sister for her birthday! So sissy, I have been knowing…

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    Feature Friday

    Feature Friday! Raychelle Tasher

    My first Woman Feature is truly a phenomenal and beautiful woman. So I’ve been creeping on her Instagram page for a few weeks now, but who doesn’t love an ambitious and…

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    Feature Friday

    Feature Friday! Dre Prince

    Welcome to my first Male Feature! On this good Friday, I asked Dre Prince a few questions to help us get to know him better. Who is Dre Prince you ask?…


    Addicted to Love Pt 2

    This story is a continuation of Addiction Pt 1. If you have not read Part 1 click here. After the last situation I vowed to never allow myself to become so…

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    Addicted to Love Pt 1

    Hey Guys I’m back! I know you’ve been wondering “Where is Shamel?” and to sum everything up, I’ll just say LIFE. I was without internet for 3 months due to moving…

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