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Feature Friday

Feature Friday

Feature Friday! Aunyae Heart

Aunyae Heart, where do I Start? So Aunyae is my friend and a big sister to me. I have always admired her ambition and her stead fast ability to keep pursuing her music career. She is going to kill me for saying this but I think it needs to be said (you all know I love transparency). I met Ms.Aunyae when I was 15/16 working at the St.Louis Zoo. We both were cashiers and used to chat a mile an…

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Feature Friday

Feature Friday! Sade Hobson

Happy Friday! Today’s feature is one of my good Friends Sade. She is very hard working in her community and a very crafty lady. When it comes to crocheting and creating accessories she is my go to gal. Sade…

Feature Friday

Feature Friday! Raychelle Tasher

My first Woman Feature is truly a phenomenal and beautiful woman. So I’ve been creeping on her Instagram page for a few weeks now, but who doesn’t love an ambitious and hard working woman lol. She is currently a…

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Feature Friday

Feature Friday! Dre Prince

Welcome to my first Male Feature! On this good Friday, I asked Dre Prince a few questions to help us get to know him better. Who is Dre Prince you ask? He is a humble yet talented Hip Hop…

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