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Aprylete’s Diva of the Week Shamel Robinson

A diva is more than the stigma of a stuck up, selfish know it all. A diva is a woman who understands her self-worth and embraces her unique individuality.  She balances her strengths and demonstrates leadership ability wherever she goes. She is confident in…


Your Wake Up Call

As I begin to write this blog all I can think of is this meme (see below) and think, “Aint God Good”? I feel like a walking testimony. (This is my sermon for the day so follow along with…

A depressed and hungover young woman holds her head in her hands at the breakfast table

Running on Empty

Hey Shameless Readers! I have been writing and creating new blog post for the month of October like crazy. But in the mean time I wanted to share this post with you. This month I have really felt drained,…

Beauty & Style

Halloween is Coming!! 🎃

SOOOOO Last night around 11pm I got bored. #whenboredomestrikes lol. I love the fall season and everything that comes with it. But my favorite is Halloween, which is my favorite holiday FYI. Why do I love Halloween so much?…

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Feature Friday

Feature Friday! Aunyae Heart

Aunyae Heart, where do I Start? So Aunyae is my friend and a big sister to me. I have always admired her ambition and her stead fast ability to keep pursuing her music career. She is going to kill…

Feature Friday

Feature Friday! Sade Hobson

Happy Friday! Today’s feature is one of my good Friends Sade. She is very hard working in her community and a very crafty lady. When it comes to crocheting and creating accessories she is my go to gal. Sade…


Open Letter to my Sister

So this is a surprise blog. In honor of Deatra’s 25th birthday, I decided to write an open letter to my sister for her birthday! So sissy, I have been knowing you for my whole life (as if I…

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