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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name Shamel Robinson by day I am a heel wearing Marketing and Events Coordinator walking through the non-profit world. This self-titled blog started as an online persona that has made it way to this little space on the internet. I was going to give a fancy, smancy bio talking about all the “incredible” accomplishments I’ve made in my career but I’ll just give you a brief overview.

2009-2012: From 2009-2011 my mentor (a music manager) guided me and showed me the ropes of the entertainment industry and I started working with local music artist in the St. Louis area. In 2012 I started building my 1st Business (Public Icon) at 19 years old during a Business Class in college

2013: I traveled around United States trying to find my passion and learn more about my career which landed me an internship in Atlanta Georgia where I stayed in a hotel for 3 months perfecting my craft and working. When I returned home (Saint Louis) I launch my business at 20 years old and had my first “real client” a month later

2014: I graduated from Stephens College and had worked with many Entertainers, Sports Players, and Reality TV Stars; along with helping small business. I had grown my personal brand and had made many connections and relationships that my brain couldn’t keep up.

2015: I was working in management at a retail store and still running my business part time until I became unhappy at my job and resigned to pursue my dreams full time (whew…. talk about a leap of faith). A month later I a purchased (rented) my 1st office space in downtown St. Louis.

2016: I realized my passion of operating and running a business was not what I expected (I will discuss the ups and downs later in a blog post). So I did some soul searching and realized I love helping people, volunteering my time, and helping to better the overall community. So here I am today working in nonprofit (Oh did I say how much I LOVE my Job). I like to consider myself superwoman even though I only plan events and market, I still like to think my job is an important component.

I consider myself a Lifestyle blogger with a focus on all the things I LOVE: If someone was to ask me where do I see myself in 5 years my answer is “being happy on happy island” lol I vowed to myself that I would only do things that made Shamel happy.

So my hopes are that you will laugh with me, cry with me, and grow with me. This is not only my story but the story of every 20 something year old who is still finding her spot in the world. Thanks for being a part of OUR world!

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