Lets raise our standards and stop setting goals!


I spent the better part of the weekend enjoying family time and grooming my daughter and I. Lately I have been investing a set amount of time tending to my nails and making sure my outer appearance is of my standards.  During the process, I realized how much I fell in love with the final outcome.  AND it felt amazing!

But then a thought crossed my mind.  Why don’t I do this on a routine basis?  Why wasn’t this my normal standard?

This question led me to realize all the areas of my life that were operating below my ideal standard.  We set our standards based on the level of quality or excellence that we desire.  Sometimes, we do a great job of maintaining certain standards.  For instance, if there’s a certain food you don’t like, you’ll hold steadfast to your commitment not to eat it.

But, in other instances, we let ourselves slide.  This is a scenario that quickly leads to unwanted results.

I can identify a few areas in my life where I’m operating below standard (or with no standard at all). When someone maintains a set standard, they’re usually very consistent in their behavior.  It doesn’t have to be huge. A simple example is someone who keeps their house SPOTLESS (like nothing is ever out of place). She has a clear standard and rarely deviates from it.

While clear standards sound like a lot of hard work, in reality, they actually help improve our quality of life.  Imagine what life would be like if you set some clear ground rules for your life and operated within those parameters?

Standards for your home environment.
Standards for the types of men you date.
Standards for your health & fitness goals.
Standards for your personal appearance.
Standards for your earning/income potential.
Standards for maintaining your self-care routine.

….and so forth.

How do we know what our standards should be? One suggestion is to use outside influence to help set the measures.  For example, if you quickly clean and wash your car because you’ll be driving someone around.  That should be your standard for how you maintain your car on a regular basis.  If you know you’re going to run into someone you know on your errand run, how you dress for that interaction should be your standard for leaving the house.  If you try to quickly lose 10 lbs before going on your beach vacation, that weight goal could be your new standard for yourself.  People who work out consistently throughout the week have made that the standard by which they live by.  You don’t have to use outside influence as your ultimate personal standard, but it’s a good place to start.

Standards make us happier.  When we consistently maintain them, we streamline and simplify our lives.  When standards aren’t set, we allow ourselves to go down a slippery slope. We eventually become acclimated to pretty much any circumstance without trying to uplevel.  If I’m not happy with the way I’m presenting myself to the world, it’s because I failed to set personal standards or I’m not adhering by them.

We all know people who live by a high set of personal standards.  Oftentimes, those people seem to achieve results with the greatest of ease.  The secret sauce to their success is consistently maintaining their standards.  It’s a lifelong habit.

I promise you that your life will be transformed if you put this philosophy into practice.



Shamel Rene

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