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Hey Shameless readers,
So over the weekend I read a article that really struck a nerve in me. Not a bad one but a good one. ūüôā
I have been working to embrace my femininity more and just be a kick ass woman and this blog post expressed everything I am working on. So I just wanted to share it with my readers and hopefully it helps you as well.
“Traditionally, the last two weeks of the year has always held a special place in my heart. ¬†I normally work year round then request that time off. ¬†It was special because, during those two weeks, I’d conduct various experiments.
One year, I decided to live the life of a “polished woman.” ¬†Basically, this is a girl who takes great pride in her appearance and self-care¬†routine. ¬†Little did I know how life-transforming that experience would be.
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I consider myself average in the looks department, but during my experiment, I managed to upgrade to “pretty girl” status. My facial features didn’t change or anything like that, but I did present myself very differently than my usual self.

There are essentially two types of attractive people:
1. Someone who is born a natural beauty
2. Someone who places care and attention into highlighting their best features. 

I fell into the (2nd) category of the person who chooses to intentionally become pretty. ¬†Like Helena Rubenstein once said, “there are no ugly women, just lazy ones.

From what I recall, my transformation process first began in the mind. ¬†I understood that in order to become the polished woman, I must first think like one. ¬†I definitely didn’t think like one at the time so I had to take drastic measures to elevate my mindset.

What I did was save a series of pictures, on my iPad, of women who embodied the image of what I wanted to be.  I had countless pics in my collection.  Each morning, I would play a slideshow of the images to my favorite songs.  Every time I watched the slideshow, I tried to absorb these women into my psyche.  It served as a  morning visualization tool to get me in the right state of mind.

Immediately afterward, I began the transformation process. ¬†I studied those women very closely and paid careful attention to the little details. For instance, I noticed the type of earrings they wore, their nail polish color of choice, how flawless their skin appeared, etc. ¬†It wasn’t long before I picked up on commonalities between them and applied their techniques into my own routine.

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Throughout the experiment, I set up some ground rules that I COULD NOT BREAK

1. Nails had to be painted and chip free at all times (no exceptions).
2. Makeup every day (even if it’s natural, minimal makeup).
3. I had to improve my makeup technique & final result with each application.
4. Always apply the finishing touches (jewelry, fragrance, etc) even if I never left the house.
5. Ensure my environment was well maintained (clean car, home, organized bag. I wanted everything I looked at to be pretty).
6. Worked out regularly to maintain my physique.

Keep in mind that I wasn’t working during this time. ¬†I challenged myself to get fully ready even when I had nothing planned for the day. ¬†Whether anyone saw me or not, I had to follow the rules. ¬†It was my way of ensuring that I experienced NO ZERO DAYS.

To save time, I wore a top-knot as my signature hairstyle. It framed my face well and allowed me the time I need to focus on other details.

After diligently presenting the best version of myself to the world, I was rewarded greatly. ¬†First off, I learned that the attractive version of me lives a totally different life than normal me. ¬†The attractive me gets lots of attention. And I don’t just mean attention from the gentlemen. It goes way beyond that. ¬†When I took care of myself, it seemed like people were drawn to me. ¬†Strangers struck up conversations and everyone went out of their way to be nice. It was really bizarre. ¬†I guess that’s the reason why “attract” is in the word attractive. ¬†I felt like I was attracting all day long.

Another new phenomenon was¬†that other attractive people seemed to take notice as well. Pretty girls would come up to me and ask where I got my bag or some other random question. I received compliments on the regular and more stares that I felt comfortable with. ¬†It was weird, but I suddenly noticed other polished women staring (which never happened before). It was like I had been finally accepted into their exclusive, elite club. ¬†I’m not bragging to say that I was breathtaking or anything like that. ¬†I was walking around with a new type of energy and people really responded.

Looking back, I realize that this type of investment can have a big payoff. ¬†Firstly, if I wanted to make new friends, this would be an effective way to do it. Because people tend to open up more when I’m a “polished woman” it’s easy¬†to have conversations that can lead to friendships. ¬†Fun fact, I met one of my best friends during that time of consistent self-care. ¬†She’s the epitome of the polished woman and takes great pride in herself. ¬†The lifestyle she enjoys is a direct reflection of that.

Another huge benefit from this experience was that my confidence was through the roof. If you look good, you feel good. There’s no doubt about it. ¬†During my experiment, I remember feeling like I had no fear. That feeling of fearlessness is absolutely INVALUABLE. ¬†Fearlessness is worth more than anything because you can leverage that feeling to take you promise land ¬†just outside of your comfort zone.¬†This can and will change your life.

( Please go back andreread the previous paragraph).

What I’m about to say may not sound politically correct but you might be experiencing a life that’s below its fullest potential. ¬†Present your best self to the world and the world will reciprocate. ¬†When you set up high expectations for yourself, it’s like the universe rises to meet those expectations. ¬†I could be absolutely wrong about this but you’ll never know unless you try this experience for yourself.”


Shamel Rene

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    April 22, 2019 at 7:21 am

    I really needed this reminder. I have kind of been on an emotional roller coaster the last few years and I have completely let my appearance & surroundings fall to the wayside. Thanks for reminding me that it is important for me to take time for me and make sure I show up every day and present my best self. Not to mention how great it will make me feel in return. Thank you so much Shamel. I am glad you are back on these blog streets. You have inspired me to clean my house, car and prepare to step my “pretty” game up.

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