Lost and Found

Hey Shamless Readers,

So I came across a new artist while watching Insecure (thanks, Issa Rae girl). I enjoy watching TV and Reality shows listening to the music and gaining a new appreciation for underground artist. Some of my favorite artists have come from a reality TV show. So, this new artist that I came across is Lianne La Haves. Her song on Insecure is called ‘Ghost’. After hearing that song I wanted to check out more of her music, so I did. I came across a song from her first EP titled, “Is your love big enough”. It was released on July 9,2012 (I know I’m late). BUTTTTT this song that I found though!!!!!!! Its called ‘Lost and Found’ and today I am going to dive deep into the lyrics and chit chat about it. When I tell you this song is so powerful I MEAN WHAT I SAY.



I have added the video to this blog, feel free to listen to it before and after I dive into it. In ‘Lost and Found’ Lianne describes how she fell in love with someone and they taught her how to hate herself and how he taught her to be someone else. This song caught my attention because it’s true when you are going through a heartbreak or you find out your significant other is cheating, you begin to form these opinions in your head about yourself. You think well maybe if I was smaller, or maybe if I didn’t wear my hair natural, or maybe If I changed my personality to fit into this “box” of what he might like… then he will love me.

I have seen this a million times and I have been there too. Guys cheat on a girl or leave a girl for someone else, then the girls try to imitate the other girl. Men don’t know how this can affect your self-esteem. He could be telling you he loves your full figure but cheats on you with someone 75 pounds lighter than you. You begin to wonder and doubt your own self-worth.

I was previously cheated on with someone who worked at Rally’s (no offense to those who work in fast food, Mel got a love for all hustlers) She was real basic, no degrees, no ambitions, no nothing, and was well over 25. She was the complete opposite of me. Here I am with all these degrees, accolades, jobs, and businesses. And he cheats on me with someone who is not on my level. I begin to doubt myself, like am I too much, maybe if I just sat back and stop being “extra” he would not have done that. I wrecked my brain trying to figure out what it was about her that made her more appealing than me.


Well, look here…. STOP comparing yourself to others. You are made beautifully just the way you are. Don’t let NO ONE make you feel less than what you are. At the end of the day that is his or her lost. Stop stalking the other person life (we have all been there). #1 that’s not going to do anything but make you look crazy and hurt your own feelings. And #2 live your life for you! I cannot stress this enough!!! For so long I had put myself in this box because I was worried about a man’s opinions or others opinions. NOW though, no one can break me. If I decided to cut my hair (which will be coming soon by the way) or get plastic surgery (which will be coming soon and I am so excited, I will blog about it), or travel to another country by myself (coming soon also lol) I CAN DO THAT BECAUSE IT BRINGS ME HAPPININESS. And MY HAPPINESS MATTERS!!!

Have you ever been in this situation? Comment below and let me know! Let chat!



XOXO Shamel 

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