Aprylete’s Diva of the Week Shamel Robinson

A diva is more than the stigma of a stuck up, selfish know it all. A diva is a woman who understands her self-worth and embraces her unique individuality.  She balances her strengths and demonstrates leadership ability wherever she goes. She is confident in her own skin and improves her mind with every opportunity.

“Radio Diva” Aprylete sits down with Diva of the Week Shamel Robinson, lifestyle blogger marketing, and events coordinator to talk about the inspiration behind her blog and the encouragement she leaves with all of her like-minded, goal digging women followers.

Shamel describes herself as a walking testimony. As she shares her pain, joy, and triumphs through the self-titled blog site, she encourages you to laugh, cry, and grow with her. With passion in her heart, she began writing and never looked back.

If you are a D.I.V.A join the #DivaCircleSTL today and take the #DivaPledge

I am destined for greatness. I use my gifts and abilities to inspire. No battle is too big to overcome for I am victorious. God has anointed me.

Peace, Love, and Harmony


Aprylete’s Diva of the Week Shamel Robinson

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