Happy Birthday to ME


Hey Everyone I know I have been away and you have been missing my weekly blog but I’m back. I have been under the weather and also planning my pool party. I have so many topics to talk about (and yes they are juicy so stay tuned. But today in honor of my (23rd ) birthday I want to make a list of 23 things that I have learned in my 23 years of living. The Journey wasn’t always easy but I have defiantly blossomed into a beautiful young woman.


  1. God is always there to catch you when you fall
  2. You control your own happiness
  3. Sometimes you will grow apart from the ones you love
  4. Not everything will go as planned
  5. Believe what people do not what they say
  6. Do what make you happy
  7. You DON’T have it all together and it’s OKAY
  8. I really do have my whole life still ahead
  9. I love chicken more and more each day
  10. Not everyone that support you wants to see you win
  11. Cherish all the good moments because you can’t freeze time
  12. Love is patient
  13. If you want something or someone go after it
  14. Admit when you are wrong
  15. Forgive yourself and others
  16. Never settle for anything less than the best
  17. Everything does not require a explanation
  18. Style is a very important impression
  19. Responsibilities are inevitable
  20. It’s OK to have a quarter life crisis at 23
  21. Babies get cuter as I age
  22. Having quiet time as an adult is like naps in kindergarten
  23. When in doubt and happiness PRAY




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