Dating a Millennial Woman with a Plan

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Hey everyone I’m sure you didn’t expect me to be back this fast but as I said I wanted to blog when something is heavy on my mind. So today I wanted to talk about dating as a millennial woman. Now before I start there are different types of millennials but today I’m focusing on the millennial women with a plan. So this post is referring to the ambitious women who knows where she’s going and working towards her dreams while balancing daily life happenings. I’ve had my fair shares of dating, heart breaks, and relationships (blog post for a different day) but this is for the guys who didn’t make the cut, and the things I wished they knew.

1.I HAVE A LIFE- As a woman with a plan I have many different things going on in life. Yes I have events to attend, family birthday parties to stop by, meetings to sit in on, and friends that need my attention. Please don’t think for one second after meeting you on a Saturday that on Sunday I am going to cancel my life for you. Also please understand I may not always have my phone on me. I know I’m a millennial and we live on our phones but I do have work and other things to do.

2.DATING AND COURTING IS STILL ALIVE AND WEL- No we can’t Netflix and chill and no I can’t come over your house and chill. I am a woman and you should have enough respect for me to ask me on a date and have a plan! Please stop approaching us saying “let’s go out” and when I say ok where and what time and answer is always “IDK”. Now don’t get it wrong women should court men as well, but at least I know where I want to go and what time. I just want to make sure timing is right.

3.BEING A PLAYER IS DEAD- I can’t believe I’m saying this but it has to be said in 2016. Talking to multiple women at the same time is dead. When you are dating a woman with a plan that is considered wasting her time. She could be focusing on a man that is going to love JUST her and give her everything versus a man who can’t give himself to her because he is divided between multiple women. A woman with a plan doesn’t not coexist where there is drama bound to happen. So consider yourself friend zoned in her life.

4.BE A MAN WITH A PLAN- There is nothing better than both of you having a plan that way you can build an empire together. Now with that being said a woman with a plan will always have a plan 😉 it’s one thing to just be down on your luck versus just not trying or not having your priorities in order. She will always have a plan for your relationship and how it can be better, she also will be there for you through those tough times.

5.MONEY CANT BUY HAPPINESS OR LOVE- I will never forget when I stayed in Atlanta, I was at my favorite restaurant Pappadeaux ordering the blackened tilapia with crabmeat and a banana pudding to go (yum). As I’m walking outside I see a guy in a chrome wrapped Aston Martin. And his exact words were “hey lil moma you want me to drive you to your car” as I proceed to ignore him he is still screaming slurs at me through his car. Long story short, I don’t care how long your money is or what type of possessions you have being humble is key. If money is all you have to offer I don’t want it. Whatever you are offering to buy me I’m sure I can get on my own or work to get it. I CANT BE BOUGHT. Purchase me with love, loyalty, and generosity. I’m looking for a partner not a sugar daddy.

I hope this post helps the next man that is considering dating me or wants to date a millennial woman with a plan. I’m sure my ladies will feel me on this post so please leave comments and let know what you think. What are some of the thing that you wish guys knew before dating you?








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