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Welcome to my new home!

O HEYYYYY my beautiful people I am so happy you are here today on this special February 29, 2016 (to be exact).Welcome to my little out of the box space on the internet.

Starting a blog has always been in the back of my mind but I had never put it into action, until one day a friends asked me what I was doing with “Shamel Says”. I was puzzled because there was no such thing, ShamelSays was just my little quirky name on social media. SOOOOO all summer he just kept asking until I was finally like “what do I have to lose? Ill give it a try.” After that more and more people started asking do I blog and giving me a million reasons why I would be THEE perfect for it.

So here I am today with my first blog and blog post. I DID NOT just want to add content to my site for you to read today instead, this is a journey I want you all to follow and please know that everything I post is organic. I want to blog when topics are fresh in my mind and not something that I have been holding in my file folder for a week just to say I have content ready to post. Lol

But I have digressed….. My goal is for you to laugh with me, cry with me, and grow with me. This is not just my space to clear my thoughts but hopefully I can be someone’s inspiration to not give up, maybe I wrote a blog that you could relate to and I spoke your mind, or maybe you just support Shamel and thinks she is a cool kid. Lol….. (Did I take it too far?)  This is a place for all those Millennials who are still struggling to find their place in this world. I might seem like my life is all together…… but honey let me be the first to say I could not wait to get an outlet so I could tell everyone how much I have struggled and the things I am still struggling with. (Future blog posts)

Feel free to comment, subscribe, share ideas with me, and most importantly grow with me!



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